Monday, February 14, 2011


hey there ! 
umm . i would like to share sumting to you . 
actually sumone had offer me for a new sport for me .
this is because he thinks that i am talented and
have a good body . hahah . then he want me to enjoy the club .
 then what sport did u think it is ? huhu .
actually it is a POLO SPORT ( horsing ) .
i like riding a horse , that is my dream since i was small !
the horse was so cute ryte . ? huhu .
he told me to come for a treninx , but i really upset !
you know why ? emm . it is because the treninx is clash wif my hockey treninx !
how can it be ? hmm . UPSET you know ,
then , i was neglet because i am giving him a hope .
actually i dunt want to take part on it , because i dun want to leave my hockey .
so , what do you think ??

horsing , horsing !

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