Monday, February 14, 2011

W.H.Y ?

nape mesti wat owunx camni ? nape mesti saketkan atie owg ? nape mesti wat owg benci kat awk ?
nape mesti owg yang selalu awk wat camnie ? nape awk ? ta sayang saye kew ?
owg cdeyh . awk tapena na paham owg . kenapa mesti macam tu ? bukan owg yang selalu rapat nan owg yang mesti paham owg kew ? nape awk ta ? persoalan maybe banyak yang ta dapat dijawab .
but , i hope you'll understand me ! understand about my feelings and all ! i try to understand you . but everytime na buat macam tu . mesti awak wat pangai . saye tasuke ! its hard for being like this ! i know . i'm not perfect .
but i hope u'll accept me as i am . then it same goes to me . if its happen , then it is easy for us ryte ?
juz want you to know , that i luff u dear . i mish u . i mish the time when we first know each other . can we be like that time ? hmm .

why you must contact again wif her . ? i'm so upset and dissappointed when i know about this . i'm believing you . but . see ? u make me disappointed wif ur attitude ! u broken your promise .
forgive me because i have been mad at you yesterday . sorry :(

juz go on wif your life . i dunt want to interfere in your business anymore .
let it go further than me . take care of yourself . salam sayang :(

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